What Foundations Give Grants To ‘At Risk Youth’?

Many foundations and organizations offer grants to support “at-risk youth” programs, which aim to provide resources and opportunities for young people facing various challenges. These grants help address issues such as poverty, homelessness, educational barriers, substance abuse, juvenile delinquency, and more. Here are some foundations and organizations that provide grants to programs serving at-risk youth:

  1. **Annie E. Casey Foundation:** This foundation supports initiatives focused on improving the well-being of children, including those at risk. Their grants often target programs addressing poverty, child welfare, and juvenile justice reform.
  1. **The California Wellness Foundation:** This foundation funds programs aimed at preventing and addressing violence, substance abuse, and other issues that affect the well-being of California’s youth.
  1. **Robert Wood Johnson Foundation:** While primarily focused on health, this foundation supports initiatives related to youth well-being, physical activity, and healthy eating.
  1. **The William T. Grant Foundation:** This organization funds research that can improve the lives of young people, including those facing risks such as poverty, discrimination, and violence.
  1. **YouthBuild USA:** YouthBuild programs receive support from this organization, which helps young people gain job skills and access education while addressing issues of poverty and housing instability.
  1. **Charles Stewart Mott Foundation:** This foundation funds programs related to youth development, education, and community development, often serving at-risk youth.
  1. **The Walmart Foundation:** Walmart’s philanthropic arm supports a variety of programs, including those addressing hunger, access to education, and career development, which can benefit at-risk youth.
  1. **Children’s Defense Fund:** This organization advocates for policies and programs that benefit disadvantaged children, including those in at-risk situations.
  1. **The Raikes Foundation:** This foundation supports programs focusing on youth development, education, and youth homelessness.
  1. **The California Endowment:** This foundation funds initiatives aimed at improving the health and well-being of California’s youth, particularly those facing challenges related to poverty and access to healthcare.
  1. **Local Community Foundations:** Many community foundations have specific funds and grant programs designed to support at-risk youth in their regions. These foundations often have a deep understanding of local needs and priorities.
  1. **Youth-Serving Organizations:** Various youth-serving organizations and nonprofit groups provide grants to programs that serve at-risk youth. Examples include Boys & Girls Clubs, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and The YMCA.

It’s important to note that the availability of grants for at-risk youth may vary by location and the specific focus of the programs. Nonprofit organizations and community-based initiatives that serve at-risk youth should research and explore potential funding sources that align with their mission and goals. Check out www.thegrantportal.com for grant sources.