Cost-Saving Strategies: Onsite Printing Solutions for Small Businesses in Kenya

Operational costs are unavoidable for any business to successfully work in the market. These costs can be slimmed by incorporating several measures. Especially for small businesses in Kenya, managing these operational costs is crucial for sustaining growth and profitability. One of the operational costs that consumes a significant portion of your resources is printing costs.

While you create strategic plans with smart decisions, you can significantly reduce these operational business expenses. A reliable onsite printing services provider too can be helpful. They can aid in tailoring the products as per the unique needs of small businesses to present an opportunity for them to control and cut costs effectively.

Ways to Reduce Expenses and Business Printing Costs

The following activities will not only reduce your printing costs, but also it will improve the business’s productivity and efficiency.

1. Adopt Mindful Printing Habits

One of the simplest strategies that can help you in reducing printing costs is fostering mindful printing habits among your team. Always encourage double-sided printing to cut your paper usage to half. Then, leverage print preview functions to avoid any unnecessary reprints of the same page due to errors. Also, it should be well imbibed into the mind to consider whether the document really needs to be printed or the digital copy of it will suffice. Small changes in daily habits will lead to substantial print savings and less wastage over time.

2. Identify and Resolve Problems More Effectively

Identifying and minimizing risks beforehand helps in preventing major issues later. Frequent printer malfunctions can also lead to overspending on repairs which might go in vain. By correctly recognizing and resolving underlying issues with your printing equipment, can extend the lifespan of the product and reduce long-term costs. Additionally, regular maintenance and prompt attention to minor issues, aid in preventing the issues to significantly escalate later.

3. Print on House Stocks to Cut Paper Costs by Up to 30%

Paper costs can become an accumulated cost, specifically for businesses that heavily rely on printed materials. One way to cut these costs is by using house stocks, these are standard stocks that are readily available for paper types that suppliers often offer at a lower price compared to the normal or special-order stocks. By correctly adjusting your print designs to fit these standard sizes and types, you can save up to 30% on paper costs in your business.

4. Save on Equipment & Supplies

First, investing in efficient, multifunctional printers can offer more value for your money than maintaining multiple single-function, non-efficient devices. These all-in-one printers reduces the need for separate machines, hence saves money, space, and energy. Additionally, device maintenance, cartridge care, and compatible ink replacement from time-to-time aids in improving machine’s lifespan while reducing the costs.

5. Partner with a Managed Print Service (MPS) Provider

For most small businesses, the total cost of printing includes more than just paper and toner costs. It encompasses the equipment maintenance costs, supply replenishment costs, and employee time as well as efforts. When you partner with a managed print services provider like GITmea, you can streamline your printing operations while reducing costs and improving productivity.

This is because the MPS provider can offer you a customized plan that includes regular maintenance, supply delivery, hardware upgrades, at a predictable and fixed monthly fee. This partnership not only reduces your immediate expenses, but also aligns your printing costs with actual usage, which ensures that you pay only for what you need in your business.

These sure-shot ways to reduce your business’s print costs. Along with reducing costs, it improves your organization’s productivity and reduce wastage.